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A wireless full-duplex two-way tour guide system enables staff to communicate efficiently whilst social distancing. Each member of staff is issued with a compact transceiver and headset so they can speak to and hear each other, as if on the same telephone call.

wireless full-duplex two-way tour guide system

A wide range of headsets are available to suit any environment, from lightweight single ear versions (that can be used with a face shield and mask) to heavy duty versions (that provide hearing protection and can be used with a hard hat).

Whether needed to assist a pair of work colleagues or a complete work force, we have a solution. As dealers for many leading professional tour guide system manufacturers and with high stock levels, contact us today for a no-obligation quotation for the system that best meets your company’s needs and budget.


What is a Tour guide system?

A tour guide system is a portable wireless system used to send an audio message from a presenter to their audience. A typical tour guide system consists of a transmitter microphone for the presenter and receiver headsets for the listeners.

When are Tour guide systems used?

Tour guide systems are used when normal conversation between a presenter and their audience is difficult. Whether speaking to a large group of people outdoors, in a noisy area, or not wanting to disturb other people in the same environment, a tour guide system helps you provide a professional service. A tour guide system allows the guide to be clearly heard without having to strain their voice, while reducing frustration, distraction and confusion for their clients.

We only supply tour guide systems from major professional audio manufacturers that meet our stringent quality and cost-of-ownership standards.


Williams Sound

Listen Technologies




Where are tour guide systems used?

Business: the guide doesn't have to shout to compete with noisy machinery when conducting factory tours.

Tourism: guided tours of both indoor and outdoor sites - keep large groups together and focused without disturbing others.

Interpretation: to provide simultaneous interpretation for meetings and tours in other languages.

Disability: as an audio description system to assist partially sighted/blind people or radio aid system to assist hearing aid wearers.

Sport: to enable the coach to communicate with the participant during training.

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